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Castle Angling Club News

Salmon In the Black Cart

Over the last week some of our members have been reporting large numbers of Salmon and sea trout running up the river. Indeed I can confirm this, yesterday Sinky one of our more qualified members reported over 100 fish showing their faces. Reporting that it reminded him of the big runs on the river Awe system, he witnessed in the 80s. Our very own Mr Banks reported to me of at least 50 or more fish today. All this on top of a recent report from Sepa surveys recording huge Parr populations. We have a major success on our hands thanks to the hard work of all Castle Angling Club members and committee members involved. (Keep up the good work Lads) If we continue to look after the Cart for spawning we may have one of the best if not the best Clyde offshoot by a country mile. Thanks for the report Stevie (23oct 2015)

Essential Work on Riverbank

Essential Work on Riverbank commencing on the 30th of September to repair 4 sewage pylons near Aldi.

Please be aware that there is also a separate emergency work around the hagg bank. Please be extra carful if fishing near these areas or better still avoid and try another part of the river.

These works are outwith the control of the club but please be reassured that we have been keeping an eye on things and will continue to observe.

Kids Fish Free

At the Castle Angling Club A.G.M 2014 All members Unanimously voted for all under 16s to be charged nothing to join the club. Thats right nothing (£0.00) so get you and your kids out for a fishing adventure.

Please remember that although there is no charge for the under 16 permit written permission to fish must still be carried at all times.

You can join or pick up your 2019 permit at rods and reels fishing tackle shop in Johnstone hi street.